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Join Solicitors In Ireland Today!

Sign Up for a Free 3 Month Listing By Contacting Us Today >> is a unique niche directory website targeting individuals and companies looking for a Solicitor or legal service in their local town, county or city in Ireland through the major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Our service is unique and highly effective from an advertising perspective in that we only accept one Solicitor or Legal Firm to represent each locality in Ireland to list on our website – this will ensure maximum exposure to your local audience without having to worry about competing with other local firms and ensuring a maximum number of weekly referrals for your business.

There are a number of key benefits for including your firms listing on our website:

  1. No competing solicitors for your location in Ireland - You will be the only solicitor listed in your County or Dublin postcode e.g. Dublin 6, Co Galway, Co Kerry.
  2. Guaranteed first page listing on Google, Yahoo and MSN for all search phrases relevant to your legal practice name and location. E.g. do a search for ‘solicitor in Longford’, ‘Longford solicitor’ or ‘Anthony Barry Solicitors’ in Google – the second result is our webpage for - Anthony Barry & Co. Solicitors in Longford.
  3. Audience targeted website using search engine optimised (SEO) - 90% of visitors reach our website from Google, these people can only reach our website if they are looking for a solicitor or legal service in their location in Ireland with a maximum of 48 listings on the entire site.
  4. Detailed search engine optimised webpage listing on the website - a good example of the type and quantity of information and level of detail you can have on your page is what we have done for this firm - (Logo, Photograph, Address, Areas of Expertise. Contact details, link back to your site, content in different languages e.g. Polish etc...)
  5. Guaranteed minimum of 1000+ unique visitors to your webpage listing in the first year or your money back!! – these visitors are highly targeted and will only have landed on your page if they are looking for a Solicitor in your area – the average time a visitors spends on a listing page is 48 seconds – this is very high and shows the quality of the visitor reading the content. All stats are backed up by Google Analytics
  6. Guaranteed 5 referrals from your website listing in the first year or your money back!!
  7. Logo/web banner listed on the homepage for 1 full month (3,000+ view per month)
  8. Listing within 2 service area’s of choice. E.g. Property / Conveyancing, Will & Probate.
  9. You will have your own dedicated webpage address - e.g.
  10. Link directly back to your website including detailed contact information – all referrals are passed directly to your company.

At full capacity their will be a maximum cap of 48 Solicitors listed on this entire website -
- One solicitor per County & city
- One solicitor per Dublin post code

We look forward to hearing from you and creating new business for your practice.

Sign Up a Free 3 Month Listing By Contacting Us Today >>